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How to send alerts via email in sugar community edition

Question asked by Rodrigo Sanchez on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Francesca Shiekh



Im currently working with Sugar Community Edition Version 6.5.26 (Build 378) (first timer)


I've been asked to create 2 alerts:

  • The first one is when a new task is created, the asigned user should get a email
  • The second one, is an alert that every time a case changes its status, the asigned user shoul receive said alert via email

The main problem is the fact that Community doesn't have a Process Definition Module which is what I use in other Sugar flavors and most of the documentation and questions I found are for the non-free editions.


So if any of you had even the smallest hint or lead to a possible solution, it would be very helpful