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Add "Available Field" to "Duplicate Records" search

Question asked by Everett Turner on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Everett Turner

Greetings Sugar Community,


I have a user that wants to "add" the field "Account Name" in the list of "Available Fields" of the "Duplicate Record" search.
The user goes into the "Accounts" module, and enters the "Account Name" to search for an Account.
The account is listed, and the user clicks on the Account. 
Once the account is opened, the user clicks on the "Edit" drop down, and chooses "Find Duplicates".
The window opens, and the user is presented with a list of "Available Fields" to choose from.
"Account Name" is not one of those available fields, and the user would like to add that field "Account Name" to the list


Can you advise how this task would be accomplished..


I did find one article, but it was vague, and did not work for me:


How to add custom field in Find Duplicates Section of the Module


Any insight you can provide would be most helpful...

Everett T

Entrinsik Inc.