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Dashlets in custom drawer

Question asked by Jeroen Somhorst on Apr 30, 2018
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I'm currently in the proces of migrating a SugarCRM instance from 7.6.x to 7.9.x branche. One of the issues I'm facing is due to some customizations we have made. We have a custom drawer that is using the default layout and also features a side panel. 

One of the issues I'm currently face is that we can add dashlets to this sidebar and I can even use these dashlets but as soon as I want to edit the configuration of one of the dashlets I do get an error that states. In 7.6.x it worked perfectly but in the 7.9 branche it broke. As I'm not a real javascript /sidecar guru I do now know where to start looking for a possible cause. (yes I do know that filtermodel is empty but why?)  



Uncaught TypeError: filterModel.get is not a function     at n.updateDashletFilterAndSave (components_7816dd16773c6ce40fcbd0e28813ef4d.js:18036)     at n.saveDashletFilter (components_7816dd16773c6ce40fcbd0e28813ef4d.js:18023)     at n. (components_7816dd16773c6ce40fcbd0e28813ef4d.js:17946)     at triggerEvents (before-event.js:83)     at n.triggerBefore (before-event.js:186)     at n. (components_7816dd16773c6ce40fcbd0e28813ef4d.js:27356)     at triggerEvents (before-event.js:83)     at n.triggerBefore (before-event.js:186)     at (components_7816dd16773c6ce40fcbd0e28813ef4d.js:27409)     at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (eval at module.exports (addScript.js:9), :4:8549)