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Let’s configure Sugar instead of customizing the code

Discussion created by Anastasiia Gubanovych on Apr 24, 2018
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Hi Community,


I found out numerous Sugar configuration requests in the community that were suggested to handle with Sugar code changes. However, for many cases I have discovered, Sugar customization is no longer the only option. In case you are Admin and looking for Sugar configuration instead of customization with programming, consider Logic Builder for Sugar that could be of your help.


I’m going to run a webcast showing how Admins could manage logic themselves with Sugar configuration tool Logic Builder. During the event, I will show you how to solve the task. Would you help me to choose the topic by voting for one of these tasks?

  1. Remove Lead from all Target Lists when Lead becomes Dead or Converted
  2. Update an Address for Contacts, open Leads and open Quotes whenever Billing Address changes in Account
  3. When Contact leaves the Company, find all open Opportunities on this Company, where Contact is involved. Then remove Contact from Opportunity participants and/or assign Task to the manager on Contacts List update.

Please answer in comments or drop me a line by email 


If you are interested to know whether your task could be solved with configuration, you are welcome to contact me as well.