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Case line items on create view

Question asked by Jeroen Somhorst on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by Ash

I'm currently in the proces of doing an upgrade van 7.6 to 7.9.3 and almost all things seem to be working ( with a little bit of development here and there). One of the things that I still cant seem to migrate is the method for adding case line items in the create view of the case module. 


In 7.6 we have added a 'simple' subpanels-create layout to the create-actions view def. At first after upgrading I noticed that only the case line items where showing. I thought this was because of the fact that the create-actions view doesn't exist anymore ( I thought I read it somewhere ) in 7.9.x. 


So I recreated the viewdefs so it uses the create view and the subpanels-create layout. like this: 



 array(         array(             'layout' => array(                 'type' => 'default',                 'name' => 'sidebar',                 'components' => array(                     array(                         'layout' => array(                             'type' => 'base',                             'name' => 'main-pane',                             'css_class' => 'main-pane span8',                             'components' => array(                                 array(                                     'view' => 'create',                                 ),                                 array(                                     'layout' => 'subpanels-create',                                 ),                             ),                         ),                     ),                     array(                         'layout' => array(                             'type' => 'base',                             'name' => 'preview-pane',                             'css_class' => 'preview-pane',                             'components' => array(                                 array(                                     'layout' => 'preview',                                 ),                             ),                         ),                     ),                 ),                 'last_state' => array(                     'id' => 'create-default',                 ),             ),         ),     ), );

Its almost working. For some reason the header of the subpanel create ( which is a case line item subpanel ) does show but no content (edit mode) is shown. 


Someone got a clue on what would cause this behavior?