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Updated a module's related field's value from a field in another module

Question asked by Diana Adams on Apr 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by André Lopes

I am pulling related field values from the Account module into the Meeting module.

When the sales rep holds the meeting with the account, they will have the meeting record related to that account record open.  They will verify the values in the Account module related fields.  module.  If the values have changed, they need to update those values in the Meeting record.  

Is it possible for them to update the field that's related to the Account module and have it update that field in the related Account record?  

Today, I have two fields per value.  One is a field showing the value related to the Account field, the second is a field where they can enter the new value.  The sales rep is directed to save in their meeting record but they will have to go into the Account record and update that value also.