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Updating Target Lists

Question asked by Greg Barrass on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Glib Konotop

This has been asked before but I thought it worth checking if there has been any progress in recent times. We use Sugar on Demand.


We have a number of Target Lists (usually comprising Contacts)  which are populated by using the Select from Reports option. We were under the impression that these Target Lists would be updated when Select From Reports is run each time to get the latest list of Targets.


Unfortunately it appears additional contacts are added but ones added previously that are no longer valid are not removed.


We would accept this if there was a Mass Update/Delete option in Target Lists but we can't see this. Importing and Exporting is a clumsy solution, especially with Targets and Target Lists.


Anyone solved this problem ?


At the moment we are faced with manually identifying each target to removed from the Target Lists/s and deleting them individually - a very poor solution.



Greg Barrass