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Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Apr 18, 2018
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I am working on a custom compose, in the Sidecar Email module we can use this.addEmailOptions(options); to set some defaults on an email

I successfully added a body and subject as well as relating the email to the module I am starting from, but I can't seem to set the To, and Cc fields


It looks like I need to pass a to_collection and cc_collection but I can't figure out how...

The collection appears to be a set of pairs: Bean, EmailAddressBean

where Bean is a Contact, Lead, User... depending on the situation.

But I don't always have a Bean.


A person we never heard of before can send a request to a case queue (our Customer Service uses Cases) so all I have is an email address.

Sometimes I need to include an internal company address that is not stored in Sugar and again, I don't have a Bean that it relates to.


How do I include these in my custom compose?

And even if I have a bean, how do I structure my $to_collection when passing it from API?