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Export Excel plugin disables "New" option in subpanel

Question asked by jlabuelo on Apr 12, 2018

Good morning all

We are using Sugarcrm CE v6.5 and we have installed the plugin SugarCRM Custom Export (V1.1.3) which enables custom export (PDF/XLS) functionality in module listview and subpanels.

The plugin/module works fine but when you set it to active, the only options available in the subpanels where they are active are "Export to PDF" and "Export to Excel", but now the options "Select" or "New" are gone. So now the users can export the subpanel information to excel or pdf fine, but they are not able to create the records from the subpanel.

Is there any way to get both "Export" and "New/Select" active as possible actions to perform?


Thakns a lot so much in advance mates!