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Update the quote line item quantity without any attributes chnaged

Question asked by Vijayakumar S on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by André Lopes

In sugar 7.9 we have customized the following functionality in Quotes module.

1. In Quote line item we introduced a split option as shown in image



2. If I split a line item with quantity of 3 will create two new rows along with the original one as shown in image



3. While trying to update the quantity of original line item without change any attributes. It should update as 1 but it updated with old value 3


For example

  • I have a line item with quantity 3 (original line item)
  • Split it
  • After the split happens I have changed the quantity of original line item to 1
  • Now I am trying to save the original line item without changing anything it should update the quantity as 1. But it updates the old value (3)
  • The quantity of other two line items are working as expected
  • I need to save the newly changed value after split

Solution much appreciated