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7.11-dev Email sender options missing case queue and more

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Apr 9, 2018

I am working in 7.11-dev to prepare some Email module customizations for the version 8 release to onSite customers.


In 7.9.x we have customized the "sender" field to default to the case queue email address and I am trying to reproduce this in v7.11-dev. I realize that the "sender" field is deprecated and we should use


 but the problem is that the case queue is not even an option in the select2 for the From address.


My Inbound Email case queue is set up with "Allow users to send emails using the "From" Name and Address as the reply to address" = Yes. So I should see the queue as an option for the from, correct? But I don't. Any thoughts on why it's not there and how I could add it not only as an option but as the default option?


Additionally, for my custom compose when using 

app.utils.openEmailCreateDrawer('compose-email', data);

the drawer opens with the From and To addresses NOT in edit mode. I have to click on the to address for the fields to be displayed in full. How do I get them in edit-mode by default?