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Inbound email to case assignment

Question asked by pavan agrawal on Apr 9, 2018
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We are able to create a case using inbound email.

I want to change case assignment to be a single user.

When i change priority in InboundEmail.php file, it is working however assigned user id is not updating.


function handleCreateCase($email, $userId) {
global $current_user, $mod_strings, $current_language;
$userId = "xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxx";
$mod_strings = return_module_language($current_language, "Emails");
$c = BeanFactory::newBean('Cases');
$this->getCaseIdFromCaseNumber($email->name, $c);

if (!$this->handleCaseAssignment($email) && $this->isMailBoxTypeCreateCase()) {
// create a case
$GLOBALS['log']->debug('retrieveing email');
   $c = BeanFactory::newBean('Cases');
   $c->description = $email->description;
if (empty($c->description) && !empty($email->description_html)) {
   $c->description = $email->description_html;
$c->assigned_user_id = $userId;
$c->name = $email->name;
$c->status = 'New';
$c->priority = 'P2';


Please help me. Thanks!