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Open in new tab create view after pressing + button at subpanel in 7.9.4

Question asked by Robert Magyar on Apr 9, 2018



Can you provide suggestions or a solution how can I open in a new tab the create view of a module after pressing the + button on a subpanel?

I'm using SugarCRM 7.9.4 and I would like to open new Quote records on a new tab when somebody is pressing + button at Bill to or Ship to subpanels on Accounts detail view.


In case of legacy Quotes module I've achieved this functionality with the code below in custom/clients/base/views/panel-top/panel-top.js :

customCreateRelatedRecord: function(module, parentModel, link, id) {
var params = app.bwc._createRelatedRecordUrlParams(parentModel, link);
var route = app.bwc.buildRoute(module, id || null, "EditView", params);

//open link in new tab"#" + route,'_blank');


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