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How we can retrieve the key of a dropdown field in a PDF Template using smarty in SugarCRM 7.x

Question asked by Sheikh Rahat Ali on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Patrick McQueen

In SugarCRM 7.x PDF Template created using PDF Manager i want to retrieve the key of a dropdown field for checking some conditions. What is the best way to retrieve this key?

Let's consider that I have a dropdown field named 'my_field' which have a custom options list named 'my_options' attached to it.

The options list 'my_options' attached with 'my_field' is defined like this:

$app_list_strings['my_options']=array (   'a' => 'Option Alpha',   'b' => 'Option Bravo',   'c' => 'Option Charlie', );

Lets also consider that in my module 'my_field' has a value of 'b' saved in database and in my pdf template i want to retrieve this value 'b' so in pdf template i use


and it returns 'Option Bravo'

Is it possible to retrieve its key value i.e. 'b' in some way ?