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Change the lead fullname calculation for mail-merge purpose

Question asked by frinaldi on Mar 26, 2018
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I want to know what is the best solution to change the Lead FullName (non db field calculated according to the firstname lastname and salutation and user's preference) for mailmerge purpose.


We created a custom automatic number for each leads ; because the mailmerge through Word Plugin canno't anymore be done in SugarCRM, my customer has to retrieved the leads using the word plugin search interface.

The only criteria is the full name and he needs the unique identifier to be available for filtering / retrieving the Leads.


Mail merge solution



Today, we thought about 2 solutions to solve this problem : 

  • Idea1 : change the full name calculation to include the Lead unique number in name calculation
  • Idea2 : change the API called by the word plugin to include the number in query and maybe display



I saw a lot of article related to fullname, but they are related to inside SugarCRM customization, and I'm not sure that the Word plugin use the same features ; for instance… 


Any suggestion or idea is welcome.