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Is it possible to open a record and show a specific tab?

Question asked by Francesc del Moral on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Karel Čech

Hi everyone,


Sometimes, we need to send email notifications to users with a link to a Sugar record, let's say an Opportunity, where they have to check or fill in some fields located in a specific tab on the record view. 


Is there a way to send a link to a Sugar record that would open the record view on that specific tab? 

Normally, a record is opened on the tab the user was the last time he visited a record of that module. What we would like to achieve is to open the record in the specific tab we want him to check the necessary information.


If you take a look at the attached image, let's say that we want to send a link to the user and when he clicks on it, the Opportunity record opens and shows the tab called "Payment Merchant" because we want him to check some details contained on that tab.


I think it would also be interesting to have this possibility when working with approvals with Process Author, so whenever a user receives an approval request, the record opens the tab where the data that needs to be approved is located. That could be configured by the administrator user in the process definition itself.


Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated.