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Name field not filtering or being added on create

Question asked by Jaden Giordano on Mar 13, 2018

Running on SurgarCRM v7.9.3.0, when running a request to with the payload:

{ "name": "Direct Test", "description": "A test directly with sugar to create lead.", "email": [{ "email_address": "" }], "phone_mobile": "240 - 578 - 3493", "status": "New", "lead_source": "Navomi Insomnia Environment" }

It creates the lead but without the name field populated.


Also when attempting to filter with a GET request on the same endpoint and the query as:

{ "filter": [{ "name": { "$contains": "Evelyn" }] }

It just returns all the leads rather than the leads containing the name 'Evelyn'.