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Adding a fa icon into quote-data-relate edit template displays as size 0x0

Question asked by Richard Coleman on Mar 8, 2018



In version 7.9, we're wanting to take advantage of using the clean sidecar interface, but also take advantage of having a number of custom fields available on a Quote Line Item.


We felt that the best thing to do would be to display an icon/button to open a different view (i.e. drawer, modal) which would display these fields.


Example: custom/modules/Products/clients/base/fields/quote-data-relate/list.hbs:

<div class="ellipsis_inline" data-placement="bottom" data-container="body"
     title="{{#unless value}}{{#if def.placeholder}}{{str def.placeholder this.model.module}}{{/if}}{{/unless}}{{value}}">

    {{# if href}}
        <a href="{{href}}">{{value}}</a>
<!--This is what I have added -->
<a class="fa fa-edit"></a>


I've been able to add it with ease in the list view. However, when but when editing, I'm guessing that the select2 in quote-data-relate is altering the size of the button so it no longer shows.


Is there some way I can have this icon display in both list and edit?