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ERP integration ABAS to Sugar

Question asked by Matthias Zeumann on Mar 7, 2018
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this post is directly connected to the previous post "sugar php training" 

Thank you Francesca for your help so far!


I recently started a new job and was put in the position of crm admninistrator. Since there was no dedicated IT person assigned the system is not used efficiently. I want to change this by integrating the ERP System Abas and putting a busines plan into place.


With the help of a third party my comapany was able to integrate the Account data to the system.  However this does not work properly anymore and creates empty entries. I guess this is because of the switch from Rest v10 to v11? Right after launch they developed a new quotes module to uploade the quotes. I highly dislike this step since I a like to stick to standard. The Account Quote header and quote lines item files are uploaded with a cron job. I attached the existing files for the account load, which is the only one that actually works. All that happened previous to my start.

We do not have a sandbox where we could load the updated version first (if SCRM supports that?). I don't want to fear with every new release this might break.


We are on SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 151) (Winter '18)

Ths Sugar instance is hosted on demand

Our ERP System is: ABAS


My actual question: Does Sugar support the integration and scheduled import of quotes into sugar? How can I do this best? I was looking for sugar php training but unfortunately nobody offers that specific training. I went through the self paced training guides user administrator and developer. But none of them focused on what I want to do. I have experience with Java C# and some javacript. 


Any help is appreciated.

thank you,