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tinyMCE in Preview Panel and Email functionality

Question asked by Indrajeet Latthe on Mar 5, 2018

Goal :

  1.  Show case related Emails(which have same case number in subject)  in preview panel and make them collapsible.(Done)
  2.  Add Reply button where user can reply that Email.(Done )


I've done this changes in custom/modules/Emails/clients/base/views/preview/preview.js and of course preview.hbs in the same folder. 

I'm changing the width of list and preview panel via jquery in preview.js and I've separate async function to get those Email based on Case number which sets Emails to be displayed in preview pane which are collapsible.



How can I show tinyMCE editor here using JS code and hbs or I've to do changes anywhere else?

  1.  Is it possible to use compose view in preview(dumb question?)? Then maybe extends its functionality like send, reply etc.
  2. I even tried dumb way to copy tinyMCE html code and try insert (as I said dumb way). Even I thought of including tinyMCE library and do it like the tutorial says but I think it won't be best practice.
  3. I want a somewhat optimal solution to this and I've tried many weird ways to add this functionality(I lack experience).

(And a Big sorry for my English but I hope you got what I want to ask, Thanks)

Emails which include Case numberCollpase on click and show description