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Issue with BulkAPI and Process Definitions

Question asked by Ivica Nedeljkovic on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Matt Marum

We have issue with process definitions, when we create Leads for example via BULK API request, and where we have set Process Definition to be triggered when we create new records(Process Definition can be simple as updating some field in Lead).

So with Bulk API call, only for first Lead in Bulk API call will triggered Process definition, and it will not be triggered for any other Leads. I tried to fix this issue by setting End Event to Terminate Process or to Do Nothing, but issue still remained. no matter what we do.


Also this issue happen if we have logic hook that update multiple records, Process Definition will be triggered just for first record, and will be ignored for all other records.


We found ways to fix these issues, but we still have issues in some cases(for example with Act-On integration).


So my question is if this is desired behavior or is it sugarcrm bug? How we can easy fix it, to avoid an unexpected results, because if we set process definition to be executed for every new record, no matter if it is coming from BulkAPI, logic hook or anywhere else?