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Help or Alternative for Custom-Triggered Dropdown

Question asked by Missy Brooks on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Missy Brooks

Any thoughts about how can I make this happen? 

I am hoping to create a drop-down field where only (1) of several choices/keys will be dependent on another field (date field).  In our Accounts module, supported products have beginning and ending datefields.  

We are wanting the drop-down for a product's Status field to automatically change to "Support Lapsed" when the ending date expires.


if Product X Support Ends date was set to end on 2/22/2018, but now it is 2/23/2018, and Accounting did not reset the date (no $$ were received) - so Product X Status changes to "Support Lapsed" from whatever other status it displayed prior to 2/23/2018.

Support offered that since DD fields cannot have calculations / formulas added to them and cannot work out the box, but maybe try configuring a textfield that toggles to "Support Lapsed" when the date passes. The issue with this is it must be triggered by a save, andthere are several other values in the Product X Status field, and only the support lapsed will be using the calendar field (Product X Support Ends).


I would appreciate any others ideas or thoughts about how to get this automated! 


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Thanks in advance!