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How crm works.

Question asked by Steven Brey on Feb 21, 2018

I'm trying to figure out how crm works. I have a joomla site hosted on GoDaddy. On it in joomla is SugaryCB, a crm component. I also have a crm database. Those both work. But they used to link, before it crashed, to a third something: a crm page with the crm modules and fields, etc. This crm page was NOT a monthly subscription hosted with crm. It seems to have been a stand alone community software of some sort. Can anyone explain to me what this third something is?

The folder containing the CRM software seems to have been deleted. I've restored the files, but I don't know how to rebridge to it. And again, I'm trying to find out what this was. What other options are there for crm besides the three monthly subscription options.