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Preview view does not work

Question asked by Salvador Lopez on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Salvador Lopez

Hi everyone, Francesca Shiekh, Tevfik Tümer, Angel Magana, Alex Nassi


We recently made the update to 7.9.3 from version 7.5.2


From the list view in version 7.5, the preview is correctly observed.

When I click on the icon, the preview view shows all the fields that exist in the record view.


However, since we migrated to version 7.9.3, the preview view stopped working, because sometimes it shows only some fields that exists in the record view


and other times, when i click on the icon, it shows me an empty page

I tried to delete the custom preview view to take the out of the box functionality then applied a QRR, 

but the problem persists.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


Salvador L.