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How can I update my email address in community profile?

Question asked by Shijin Krishna on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Alex Nassi

Hello All,


I know this question has nothing to with SugarCRM platform. But unfortunately I couldn't find any other way to get this resolved.


My community profile email address and username are set to my previous organisation's email address which is not valid anymore. I would like to get the same updated to my personal email. 


Just found below in Jive help


Changing Non-Editable Profile Fields Sometimes profile fields can't be edited because an administrator has locked them down, or because they come from a directory server controlled by your organization. If you can't edit a field such as your name or title in your profile, it's typically because an administrator has set your community up this way. Often, fields like name, title, email address, and department aren't entered by a Jive admin, but come from a directory server such as Active Directory. In this case, the community administrator can't directly edit them in the profile, either. Every organization is different, so who you should ask for help depends on who is responsible for this part of your site data. If you need to change a non-editable field in your profile, you can try the following paths for getting it changed: • If you know who your community manager is, ask him or her who controls these fields. Often, he or she can make the change, request a change for you, or tell you who can handle the change. • For an external community, try contacting the web site administrator or filing a support ticket.


But I am not sure to whom I can contact to get this done.


Thanks in advance

Shijin Krishna