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Get organization details via rest api

Question asked by Ramaraj Karuppusamy on Feb 17, 2018


In my application, I am storing the sugar user information(user_id, name, etc) along with access_token, refresh_token details into our database after successful authentication.(Granting via oauth2 password authentication). We may have more than one users authenticated from the same organization.


If the sugarCRM user logging into my application, I have a secrete_code generated by my application admin to validate him.


When the same user logging back second time by providing domain/username/password, I dont want the user to enter secrete_code again. I just want to validate the user details with his existing sugar details stored in my database during the first login. Right now I am validating the user by "user_id" received from sugar.


I suspect the user_id alone is not enough for him to validate(May be duplicated for another company's user). Want to put some more unique information about the company he belongs to. 


Is there a way I can get company_id / company_name through rest api for a particular user?


If no, suggest me some other unique information between the same company to store in my database for validation.



Thanks in advance.