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Add Campaign/Target List Support For A Custom Module

Question asked by Josh Crow on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by Dan Petersen

Hey all, I need a hand figuring this out.


My company has a hosted instance of Sugar OnDemand Enterprise that we are creating some custom modules for. We are using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 183) (Fall '17)




The 3 modules are named ECommerce Accounts, ECommerce Contacts and ECommerce Items.



ECommerce Accounts has a One to Many relationship with a subpanel for ECommerec Contacts and ECommerece Items to show the Contacts related to each account and the item purchases that are attributed to each account.


One of the primary reasons for moving this data into Sugar is to be able to send email campaigns to our customers through Sugar.


I'm having a real problem figuring out how to get Email Campaign functionality working with these custom modules.


I was able to get the Target List Module to display as an option in Studio by creating and installing a package that copied an empty studio.php file to custom/modules/ProspectLists/metadata (as explained here Need to Customize Your Target List Layouts and Subpanels? ) and created a many to many relationship with ECommerce Accounts and Target Lists. This added a subpanel to Target Lists to add ECommerce Accounts to a Target List. However, despite linking ECommerce Accounts to the Target List, the total targets remains 0 and Email Campaigns do not send emails to linked ECommerce Accounts.


I've done some research and found this:… 


Which details (I think) how to accomplish what I am trying to do, however, because we use a Sugar On Demand instance and not a local instance, I can't make the edits to the files as described in the above link.


At this point I'm stuck, I don't know how to enable email campaigns for my custom modules I've built in Module Builder. 


Currently I think I need to make a manifest that makes the edits detailed in the above post to the files it mentions, but I don't know how to edit files in a manifest,


I feel like this has to be something other people have needed custom modules to be able to do (be included in campaign emails) but my google-fu has been weak,


Any help here would be greatly appreciated,