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how to keep values from releate customs fields when converting from prosprects to convert to target (LEADS)?

Question asked by r. adrian aguilera perez on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by r. adrian aguilera perez

Hi guys i have a problem. im new at sugarcrm .

I created 2 custom related files in prospects module  (the client renamed this module as suspects )   


Instance sugar on demand Sugar (version SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 151) (Winter '18)








Same fields exist in leads module (prospects = leads)



When i create a prospect and set my custom fields some value 




and  then click Convert target ,the selected values to my fields  that i saved before are lost when the second window is displayed.






Why im losing those values and how i can solve this??

any ideas?


pls help


i guess is something simple but i dont have a clue.