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How to repair illegal file reference on documents (6.5.20 CE)

Question asked by Martin Wijnands on Feb 14, 2018

Sometime ago I created a document. (Could be on previous version due to automatic updates) 


When I click the document, it gives an error:

Called URL looks like this:

When I query this on the database(

SELECT * FROM `documents` WHERE `id` = '9142631a-7008-fd26-4aa1-582b91594c78'), it gives 0 rows result which is consistent with the error.


But when I query this on the database using not the Id field but the document_revision_id it gives me the correct database entry. (Query used: SELECT * FROM `documents` WHERE `document_revision_id` = '9142631a-7008-fd26-4aa1-582b91594c78')


So somewhere down the line the Id and Revison_Id on the Tabel Documents is ****** to repair, none of our documents are accessable now!