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How to do a POST on TaxRate Rest API

Question asked by Sarika Tandale on Feb 2, 2018
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I am using Sugar version 7.9 Pro.

I was trying to update the tax value by accessing the "TaxRate" v10 Rest API. I want to do a POST AJAX request on to the Sugar v10 TaxRate API. I would like to update the "Name" parameter for a particular ID.

Any directions on how to go about it?


This is where I've got so far :


// The data to be passed in the POST request:

var postsugar = {id:'123', name:'7.7 Percent', date_entered: 'some_date', date_modified: 'modified_date', modified_user_id: 'some_id',};


// Taxrate for that ID

var url = app.api.buildURL('TaxRates', null, {
id: '123'
}, {});

// API call to update Taxrate Name for this id in the Taxrate API:'create', url, null, {
success: _.bind(function (response) {
console.log('sugar api',response);

}, this),
error: _.bind(function (error) {

console.log("Error", error)
}, this)


I am not sure how to pass the POST data  and which all parameters are to be passed.


Thank you for going through the post