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Load multiple files from custom/client/base/filter/operator/

Question asked by Jon Sheppard on Feb 1, 2018

Hello everyone, 


I've got an installable module for SugarCRM that includes adding a custom field type. It includes adding operators for this custom field type here: ./custom/clients/base/filters/operators/custom_field_name.php


All of this works great as a stand-alone custom filter operator file. Now, we recently needed to install into a client system that already has custom filter operators, with their own file here: ./custom/clients/base/filters/operators/operators.php 


At this point, only one of our two files seems to get loaded. (checked by logging to the Sugar logs) Any ideas on how we can get two files to load here? Has anyone else run into this issue?


My gut is telling me that this is not going to work because there is no Extensions framework for filter operations? Any help is appreciated.