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Gather activities in parent module

Question asked by Asaf Army on Jan 31, 2018

Hello developers,


i created two custom modules - "Businesses" and "Employees".

i added activity and history subpanels in each module, by:

* adding a relationship of one-to-many between each module and "activities". 

* added the new modules names in "parent_type_display" dropdown, so i can relate the calls,meetings,tasks etc. to the new modules in their activity subpanels.

It works great and i can log calls in the activitiy subpanel in each module.


But what i need is to gather all the employees activities under their parent business activities subpanel. so that in the business activities, i will see all the activities of the employees of that business.

how can i cause the activities of the employees , show in the employees activities AND in their parent business activities subpanels?


Since a call has only one "parent_id" field, it can be related to only one parent. so how do i solve this?

What code changes can i make to implement such demand? (no need for upgrade safe code).


Working with SugarCRM CE 6.5.13 and know to code sugar well.


Thank you!