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Add link to MegaMenu

Question asked by Raymond Tham on Jan 30, 2018

Hi everyone,


I want to add a module action link to Cases module (e.g: "View Closed Cases"). When I click on that link, I want my listview to show all cases with status of "Close". For example the picture bellow:



For now, I manage to add sample module action link to the Cases module, but i don't know how to add the logic so that if user click on it, it will show all the cases with status "Close".


I know we can do this by add a custom filter something like this:



But the requirement is to use the approach I mentioned above.


1. sugarcrm\custom\Extension\application\Ext\Language

$app_strings['LNK_CASE_CLOSED_RECORD_C'] = 'View Closed Cases';


2. sugarcrm\custom\Extension\modules\Cases\Ext\clients\base\menus\header

$viewdefs['Cases']['base']['menu']['header'][] = array(
    'label' =>'LNK_CASE_CLOSED_RECORD_C',
    'icon' => 'fa-heart-o',



Any idea?


Thank you

@Sayfur Rahman @Ramana Raju @SanthanaLori Arce