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Filter api for relationship based on date_modified

Question asked by Tom Noel on Jan 24, 2018

Is there a way to filter the api on date_modified based on when a relationship is added or deleted?


For example if I have Account "Google" which has the contact "John Smith".  I want to be able to tell when the Contact John Smith is removed from the Account Google.


Based on my current understanding the only way to get the relationship data from the api is:

http://<sugar instance>/rest/v10/Accounts/<record id>/link/contacts

which can be filtered by date_modified.  The problem is when a Contact is removed from an account neither the Contact that was removed or the Account has the date_modified field updated which means I have no way of filtering to see if a relationship has been added or removed.


Is there an api endpoint that I can hit that will just list the relationship data in bulk and is not bound to a single record which can also be filtered on date_modified?


Ideally I'd like to hit an endpoint like:
https://<sugar instance/rest/v10/accounts_contacts which is the database table which has the data I want to look up.  Is there any endpoint that does something like this or would I need to create a custom endpoint to retrieve this kind of data?



Tom Noel