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Single sub-panel on accounts to show all related notes where we have multiple one-many relationships

Question asked by Maritn Hawes on Jan 24, 2018



I'm working with the accounts and notes modules which by default have a one-to-many relationship (account_notes) which is there to handle the flexi 'relates-to' field on notes. I'd like to ensure that every note is linked to an account, however more ofter than not the 'relates to' is used to link the note to another module (e.g. a meeting). To do this i've added another one-to-many between accounts (accounts_notes_1) which means i've got a field on notes dedicated to relating to a single Account. 


The problem I have now is i've got multiple 'Notes' sub-panels on Accounts which list the related notes from either of the two relationships. 


What i'd like to do is have a single sub-panel which lists all notes related to the account (regardless of relationship). Has anybody achieved something like this before?