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PDF Manager generating issue

Question asked by zhuo wang on Jan 21, 2018

Hi guys,


I have a question about pdf manager generating. Let's say in my pdf template, I have 4 columns, and the are:

"name", "size" and "startdate", and I want to all the objects sorted by start date.

So for now, no matter how I change the code in pdf manager, The order of the items in pdf files are sorted by the names alphabetically. They will be like this:


apple  | big    | 2/1/2018

beer   | small | 1/1/2018

cat     | big     | 3/1/2018

So I made following change:


{foreach from=$objects item="object"}

I tried sorting it by adding the modifier as follow:


{foreach $objects|@sortby:"startdate" as $object}


Sadly, it doesn't work.


So can anyone please tell me how could I do to make "startdate" as default highest priority to sort all the objects.

Thank you very much.