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case email not prepopulating 7.10.x

Question asked by Indrajeet Latthe on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Indrajeet Latthe

I've tried various ways for adding email type field to Cases module but unfortunately  it goes to waste.

So I've email_c text field for Case module and of course it's not getting pre-populated whenever I launch Email Compose drawer from subpanel of a Case. And as they've introduces major changes in Emails module library it's kinda hard to figure out problem.


So I've been trying to manipulate email-recipients.js for workaround.So I've manage to find few things but there was no success. As I've to also deal with select2 library.

I also managed to get email_address in recipient field but it fails while sending. The main problem is with recipient model and it's attributes. There is no any "to_collection" field to it or "link" .(It seems issue to me as I compared recipient model of Case to Accounts).

I don't know if anyone have this issue or had but please guide me little.

I can put code if it's necessary.