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Quotes - Populate List from Account `tax rate` in `Quote` not working

Question asked by Aravind Kumar on Jan 15, 2018

Hi, I am trying to auto-populate tax rate from `Accounts` to `Quote` upon selecting an `Billing Account Name` in quotes.


The problem im facing is that, I could able to populate the `Tax Rate` after saving the quote but I coudnt able to see the value when I select the `Billing Account Name'.

$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['billing_account_name']['populate_list']['vat_group_name'] = 'taxrate_name';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['billing_account_name']['populate_list']['vat_group_id_c'] = 'taxrate_id';

If you see the above code is what I am using to Auto-populate the values from Account to Quote. where `vat_group_id_c` and `taxrate_id` are Id fields.


See the `Warning alert` it shows the `From` value which is already exist in  quote `Tax Rate` but dosent show the value from Account in `To`. But after saving it shows the value in the Quote `Tax Rate` field. The reason is because of `vat_group_id_c` and `taxrate_id`.

we have manually created the relationship between account and tax rate because it does not appear in Studio


Could someone please point me in the right direction?


We're on SugarCRM