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Process definitions - Field evaluations for multi-select fields

Question asked by Jacquelyn Lane on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Jacquelyn Lane

I am using v7.8 Enterprise edition. 


So let's say I have a multi-select field with the following values:
- A

- B

- C

- D

- E

- F

- G


I want values A, B, and C to each trigger their own email notifications. So if the user selects A and C, two separate emails will go out: email A and email C. If the user selects any combination of the irrelevant fields - D, E, F, G - the record exits the program. However, as long as at least ONE of the relevant values (A, B, C) are selected, an email should go out. 


I can get the program to work if ONE relevant value is selected, but not multiple. I've tried a few different approaches, but it seems as though the operators are not really suited for multi-select lists. I have the option of "is" or "is not," which seems to indicate that I would need to provide every possible permutation - A OR (A AND B) OR (A AND B AND C), etc. 

I am using an inclusive divergent gateway to route the relevant values to the email notification steps, with one relevant value per offshoot of the gateway. I was hoping that the program would evaluate each field individually (e.g. as long as A is ONE of the values selected, the record routes through), but that doesn't seem to be the case (I guess because of the "Is" operator). Any suggestions?  Providing each possible permutation is not practical for my real-life application which has a ton more values than I listed above.