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Frequent PHP Warning/Notice in Apache Logs

Question asked by Rolustech Support on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Lucas Albero

We have been seeing the following PHP Notice in Apache Log for quite some time.


Undefined variable: module in /clients/base/views/record/record.php on line 82
It occurs when record view of certain modules is loaded.


Upon debugging and investigation, we have found that this warning is due to the $module variable in the meta for Duplicate Button on record view. To be more specific it, occurs for those module whose custom/clients/base/views/record/record.php does not contain the meta for this button in the buttons array.
This button was removed from the record view of some modules according to business requirement.


Please advise the solution for the removal and stoppage of this PHP Notice as it fills the Logs alot and is a concerning point.


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Rolustech Support