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Imported Quote Line Items do not show in Quote

Question asked by paperless on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by paperless

After importing quote line items (Test Computer, Test Computer4) with a specified Quote ID, the items do not show in the Quote below (in Version


Absent from the quote below are Test Computer, Test Computer4 - the rest of the QLI were manually entered.


Any help with the import or the v10 API to get the QLI for a Quote will be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE: Found API example here… 

The quotes created using the example fail to link the quote to an existing account, even when setting

'account_id' => 'some accoint id',
'billing_account_id' => 'some accoint id'

yet the billing account is set as a required field when editing quotes.


What else needs to be provided in the payload to link the quote to an account?