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Opportunity sales status not getting Revenue sales stage value

Question asked by Ramon Marcondes on Dec 14, 2017
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I have a Revenue Line Item that gets a Opportunity to relate.

And I have a record.js in the Opportunity that on clicking the Edit button, it changes the Opportunity 'sales_status' value with the Revenue Line Item 'sales_stage' value.

The javascript changes the value, but after saving, the opportunity 'sales_status' field becomes empty, when its value shoud be filled by the Revenues sales_stage 'negociacao'.

The other default values (Closed Won and Closed Lost) appear normally with text in the Opportunity.

In the database it has data, but no text appears in the view.


I've followed this tutorial, putting the custom field in all the required dropdowns, but it still didn't work:… 


I had a similar problem to this case. Unfortunately there wasn't a definitive solution:

Opportunity sales status value not changing correctly 


The Revenue Line Item:


The Opportunity:


The dropdowns are in Brazilian Portuguese language.

These are the dropdowns (probability, status and stage):




In the Opportunity there isn't nothing in the logic hook related to changing sales_status value.



How can I solve this?

Any help would be appreciated.