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Manually created package fields dont work in instance

Question asked by Humberto Ribeiro de Souza on Dec 14, 2017
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I manually created a package for creating new fields and make them available in the prod instance.

All are ordinary fields, and the package deploys with no issue and no errors are raised on sugarcrm.log or Apache error_log.

The field appears in the layout (recordview) as expected, both in default and in the defined role. However, when filling them, nothing is saved, the datatype does not match as well. 


The source SugarCRM Version is 7.9.2 and target is 7.9.2 and/or 7.10 (OnDemand)


I also checked the instructions under…  and found no tip on the problem as well. The opcache is not set, the permissions are OK and it also does not work when exporting to OnDemand instance.


 The content is like follows. I am missing something?


Merci en avance


$manifest = array(
'acceptable_sugar_flavors' => array('CE','PRO','CORP','ENT','ULT'),
'acceptable_sugar_versions' => array(
'exact_matches' => array(),
'regex_matches' => array('(.*?)\\.(.*?)\\.(.*?)$'),
'author' => 'Me',
'description' => 'Package 71012-1 - All we need from this package are the fields that pertains to Collect_info_finance',
'is_uninstallable' => true,
'name' => 'pkg_sugar_71012-1',
'published_date' => '2017-12-13 11:36:37',
'type' => 'module',
'version' => '0.0.1'

// END OF manifest

$installdefs = array(
'id' => 'pkg_sugar_71012-1'

$installdefs["copy"][] = array("from" => "<basepath>/custom/Extension/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Language/fr_FR.lang.php", "to" => "custom/Extension/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Language/fr_FR.lang.php");


$installdefs["vardefs"][] = array("from" => "<basepath>/custom/Extension/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_les_conditions_de_finance_c.php", "to_module" => "Collecte_infos_Finance");


$installdefs["copy"][] = array("from" => "<basepath>/custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Language/fr_FR.lang.ext.php", "to" => "custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Language/fr_FR.lang.ext.php");


$installdefs["copy"][] = array("from" => "<basepath>/custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.ext.php", "to" => "custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.ext.php");
$installdefs["copy"][] = array("from" => "<basepath>/custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/clients/base/views/record/roles/444455555444-0288fa6923c7/record.php", "to" => "custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/clients/base/views/record/roles/444455555444-0288fa6923c7/record.php");
$installdefs["copy"][] = array("from" => "<basepath>/custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/metadata/SearchFields.php", "to" => "custom/modules/Collecte_infos_Finance/metadata/SearchFields.php");