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How to Allow Users to Directly Copy Images Into Email Body and Sent Successfully?

Question asked by Ron Lesh on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Francesca Shiekh

Hey Everyone,


I am sure there will be quite a lot of people had encountered this same problem: could not paste screen shot directly to email body when sending email from sugar. i get to know that sugar by default customized the TINY MCE to now allow paste image, and even if you did change to allow paste image, the html purifier will still remove it after you click send button.


I want to know that if any of you experts have resolved this headache and managed to directly send screenshot via email through sugar? Just like all other email applications could do. If you could share the knowledge of how could we achieve it, i would be really appreciate it. I am sure it would make a lot of people very happy. Thank you very much.