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NOTIFYING to assigned user when the STATUS changed on CASE

Question asked by Murat Cansever on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Robert Sinclair

We're currently using: Community Edition/Version 6.5.25
In this version there is no any workflow to create&apply on any Case and this is sad!
So I searched a little bit on your community topics, there was a solution like using logic hooks but I can't find this solution part in our sugar version and don't know how to do that.


Clearly, we want to that:

  • The created case by any user is also successfully transmitted to the user who assigned as mail as it should be. [It's working.]
  • Later then, when the user who assigned to give a solution to the case over SugarCRM is changing the status of the case.
  • When the assigned user changes the status, also an e-mail need to reach to the user who created the assigned user.

Afterwards, we also add AlineaSol Work Flow Manager today but no idea how to use.


In this version, even when a dropdown status field changes, it must be notify to the assigned user! If even we can do this, then enough for us. Could you guys help us? Can it be set to be triggered on??


I want something like this:



Thanks in advance!