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Editing Forecast Pipeline Configuration? Help!

Question asked by allison beaudry on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by B_Canales

I am trying to edit the yearly forecast configuration pipeline. Currently, only the quarterly forecast is visible. The drop down menu only provides quarterly reports.

As advised in the forecast configuration help sheet: 

I have tried to reset the forecast settings by navigating to: (and replacing "" with our sugar instance url). After completing this, I received an email from sugar stating: "The Forecasts module in your Sugar instance is now available for use with opportunities. All previous Revenue Line Item forecast commit data has been removed, and the instance is ready for forecasts to be created and committed with opportunities."

However, when I go to change the time period for the forecasts module it does not allow me to edit it and states that time period has an invalid date. (please see provided screenshot).

Please advise!

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