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Has populate_list stopped working for quotes in 7.10?

Question asked by Pat Pawlowski on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by Harald Kuske

We had a pretty simple customization in 7.8 that was populate a phone number and email field when a contact relate field was populated in quotes. After upgrading to 7.10 it no longer works. 


We were adding the following to the vardef

$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['populate_list'][0] = 'name';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['populate_list'][1] = 'id';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['populate_list'][2] = 'phone_work';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['populate_list'][3] = 'email1';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['field_list'][0] = 'customer_name_c';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['field_list'][1] = 'contact_id_c';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['field_list'][2] = 'cust_phone_number_c';
$dictionary['Quote']['fields']['customer_name_c']['field_list'][3] = 'email_c';

Worked in 7.8 no worky in 7.10

I can extend the js controller to do this but seems like we're moving backwards if this no longer works. 


Thanks for any help,