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Sugar 6.5 to Sugar 7.9 migration

Question asked by Sarika Tandale on Nov 28, 2017
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I am migrating on-site from Sugar 6.5 to Sugar 7.9. The migration of the database has been successfully completed and all the records are pulled in correct places in 7.9 .. All modules are working fine after the migration. There is only 1 issue that I am facing right now- 

The profile picture of the employee ( User) which is visible in sugar 6.5 does not show up 7.9.. In 7.9, I am trying to see the image of the user under Employees > Avatar . But this field does not show the picture as seen in 6.5.


What would be the correct steps to go about the migrating this image? 


Any help with this is truly appreciated.

Thank you.