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Assignment Notifications not working for new Tasks created using logic hook

Question asked by Zeeshan Shaikh on Nov 26, 2017

I have a functionality where tasks should create and assignment notification get trigger after task created successfully.

I have created new Tasks in after save logic hook.

Here is my Tasks beans 

$task = BeanFactory::newBean('Tasks');
$task->name = $data['name'];
$task->date_due = $data['date_due'];
$task->priority = $data['priority'];
$task->parent_type = $bean->parent_type;
$taskBean->status = $data['status'];
$task->description = $data['desc'];
$task->parent_id = $bean->parent_id;
$task->assigned_user_id = $data['assigned_user_id']; 

Tasks created successfully but assignment notification does not trigger.

I have check assignment setting its perfectly ok in both mail assignment and user assignment.

Please help me where i am going wrong.