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API taking time - Loading Pop Up stays on view

Question asked by Rolustech Support on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by hats

We have created some custom layouts and views that are accessed using the following URL pattern :




These views are working fine and the data in them is being loaded perfectly fine. However when the view is loaded an API call for the parent module is sent. Untill that call returns with a status, the Loading Pop-Up stays on the view. Although the data of our custom view is already loaded.


For Example:
A view was called as follows: 




Besides the API call for my view, an API call is sent to Leads:


Request URL: 


Request Method: GET


The loading Poupup stays on the view until the API return 200 OK or 304 Not Modified as the API takes too much time. Is this some sort of default behavior. If not please suggest some solution for it as the Loading message gives the impression to the user that the view has not loaded yet and he needs to wait until its done.